Behind each pair of shoes designed, there is an expert team that works day and night to offer you high quality shoes with the best prices.

Design and conception

The design department dedicates all its time to study your needs and design quality shoes that meet international standards.


The production department receives the design and selects the necessary materials with a good value for money in order to offer you quality shoes with affordable prices. Our shoes are made by local factories in Morocco, or by artisans located in Africa or Europe.

Our shoes are made by craftsmen experts in the field, who pay attention to the smallest details to offer you a quality that perfectly meets your expectations.


Our dynamic team of delivery agents and distributors ensures that every order arrives on time and in perfect condition.


We are convinced that San Vogue of today must be better than yesterday’s, which is why we make great efforts to improve the quality of our products and services, and we use our creativity and innovation to keep up with the latest trends.